Gearing Up Bicycle Shop

A relatively quick take on the situation:

Hi Everybody – 

Chris here. When I took over Gearing Up in Feb. 2020,

I was unable to source bicycles, so I chose to focus on repairs.


While this has been the primary model of the shop for some time now, (a dedicated workshop), it has ceased to be possible to operate in such a fashion given the on-going supply shortage. 

Please understand that the bicycle and parts shortage is still very real, and please be kind to your local bike shop folk. 


I started this journey without huge loans or a fund of any kind.

For me, this really has been a labor of love that developed from a lifetime of bikes.


With that, I do genuinely appreciate everyone’s business and getting to know each and everyone of you. 


I will no longer be in the bicycle shop each day, but will be working full-time elsewhere as I have a small family; while supplies have dried up, my personal liabilites have not. 


If you have a repair to pick up, please email: to schedule a time to pick up your repair.