This is the Gearing Up v3.0 temp site

A quicktake on the current operating model.

Hi Everybody – 


Chris here. I took over Gearing Up in Feb. 2020. 


Unable to source bicycles in the beginning, I chose to focus heavily on repairs. 


This is the primary model of the shop – a dedicated workshop. 


I love working on bikes and look forward to working on yours.


I carry a select and growing variety of retail soft and hard goods. As bicycles come available, they will appear on the floor.


Please understand that the bicycle and parts shortage is still very real. I regularly wake up to early morning alerts to chase down your parts in the face of the big shops and online retailers.


Bear with me as I regrow the shop. I started this journey without huge loans or a fund. For me, this really is a labor of love that developed from a lifetime of bikes.


With that, I do genuinely appreciate the continued patience and business from everyone.