Navigating while out riding

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Navigating while out riding

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taos-mapSome practical backcountry advice from the Taos Search + Rescue:

Firstly, “bring everything,” they said. “No one ever plans on getting lost,” said Kenton Pass. And not planning for it is what gets people in trouble. Water and a little food, along with a rain jacket, map and matches are essential.

Secondly, by telling someone your plan — where you’re going, on what trails and rough estimates of your return time — vastly “ups your odds” if search and rescue ever gets called out to find you.

And lastly, if you get lost, stay put.

Technology and mapping apps allow us to find and ride amazing trails in the backcountry. But nothing takes the place of a compass + paper map and the knowledge of how to use them. So bring both!

For paper maps we recommend both the Sky Terrain Taos/Wheeler & Latir Peaks map and the National Geographic Taos/Wheeler Peak map to navigate the Taos area. We also have loads of local trail beta to share, along with up-to-date trail conditions for the region…so come on in to the shop for a visit, Monday through Saturday, 10am to 6pm.

Some of the apps we use include,,,, Google Earth + GoogleMaps.

Make sure your electronic device batteries are topped off before venturing out and carry an extra battery pack like the ones offered by Goal Zero to provide additional juice if needed.

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