Give Bikes 5 Feet

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Give Bikes 5 Feet

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Listen to the PSA messages from in Santa Fe

“This message can save lives! After the first messaging campaign launch in 2004 consciousness about bicycle safety has risen throughout the state. You can find more on the 5 Feet campaign history here and more info on the current campaign here.

About every two years, New Mexicans get reminded of a 5 Feet safe passing distance on the road to keep the message fresh in our heads.

In Autumn, 2016, Chainbreaker partnered with Elizabeth Mesh to help get the message out across the state of New Mexico. We aired a “5 Feet” public service announcement on 6 radio stations in Northern NM 15 times a day for two weeks.

This is just the beginning of what will be an ongoing reminder to the people of New Mexico. Together we can do great things!” – from the website

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